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Breathable tanıtım resmi

Breathtec is a new generation
breathable hair prostesis technology.

breattec After 16 years of professional experience, passion for the best and years of research, we combined the quality of breatⓗtec ™ products with ONNA HAIR expertise.

After 16 years of professional experience, passion for the best and years of research, we combined the quality of breattec products with ONNA HAIR expertise.

We invite you to meet the quality of breattec with its most natural, comfortable, long-lasting and unnoticed infrastructure.

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Meet the innovations in the world of breattec, a new generation of prosthetic hair treatment Breathtec is just for you! It is produced for your own specifications and measurements.

You look extremely natural thanks to its unique structure. It lasts longer lifetime compared to similar technologies. Truthfully there is no technology like breathtec! It won't slip, remove and will not cause allergies.

You can swim, do sports, take a shower and socialize. During all these times you won't even feel breattec. breattec does its' duty and during all these time you can adapt to happiness.

no tape promotional image

No tape Hair
Technology is in Turkey

Have you met the no tape system? Yes, you didn't hear wrong. There is no tape anymore. Try no tape hair technology for more natural and aesthetic appearance.

More technology develops more we can see new and better products in every field of life. One of these developments is no tape system for hair. In this system tapes leave their place to liquid adhesives.

These products which are applied on skin are approved by health checks and approved to be applied on skin. It won't harm your health.

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No tape system is very natural that you can see on the right photo which belongs to one of , our customers whom we applied no tape hair prosthesis.

We are happy as much as our customer is. We are waiting you to be part of our happiness. For your questions about no tape hair prosthesis you can contact us. So we can introduce you ONNA HAIR brand which will start a new era for you.

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